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40 signs that show you’re in a committed relationship



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Today we are sharing top 40 signs that show you’re in a committed relationship.

here are 40 signs that show you’re in a committed relationship

  • Meeting the parents
  • Exchanging house keys
  • Planning a holiday together
  • Discussing plans for the future
  • Being invited to family gatherings
  • Saying ‘I love you’
  • Staying overnight at each other’s houses.

  • Signing Christmas / Birthday cards together
  • Seeing each other at least every other night
  • Leaving a toothbrush at each other’s house
  • You tell each other absolutely everything
  • Letting them take care of you when sick
  • Being introduced to wider friendships circles.
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  • Discussing how many children you might want in the future
  • Buying a dog or cat together
  • Driving each other’s cars
  • Inviting them to a wedding as a date
  • Divulging salary details.

  • Letting them know your pin number
  • Discussing holidays
  • Having a drawer at each other’s house
  • When you HYPOTHETICALLY talk about IF you lived together
  • Inviting people round as a couple.

  • Having clothes and other belongings at each other’s houses
  • First name terms with their mum and dad
  • Talking about intimate health issues
  • Farting in front of each other
  • Inviting them out with your friends / family
  • Receiving cards or gifts addressed to both of you
  • When you know what each other’s plans are for every single day
  • Showering together.

  • Changing Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’
  • You know each other’s passwords
  • Wearing pyjamas when you get home from work
  • You share secrets about friends with each other
  • Always being the ‘plus one’ on invites
  • Getting food in your big shop just for them
  • You start watching TV shows they like
  • Phoning each other at work.

  • Stop putting make up on to look gloriously fresh before they wake up
  • When they start asking for your opinion on stuff
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