Sunday Igboho
Sunday Igboho

Britain to grant Sunday Igboho Asylum to avoid being returned to Nigeria – Texas Lawyer revealed

Sunday Adeyemo can only be returned back to Nigeria if only he is found to have broken any law
in Benin Republic.

Sunday Igboho as we know did not break any law in Benin. He was arrested under
false alarm raised by the NIGERIAN Government.

We are ontop of the situation right now. We have Successfully notified the British government on the dangers of letting Sunday Adeyemo returned to Nigeria where his life is at risk.

We believe that before the end of today, BRITAIN would have
granted his request for asylum in good faith.”

FB IMG 16267876547992212
FB IMG 16267876547992212

Signed: Barrister Leesi Ebenezer Olarewaju